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The Value of Sales Development

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When your team is operating flat-out, each person going 40+ hours per week, where’s the room for growth?

When things get craziest in the office, sit back, and ask two questions:

  1. How many new prospects have we touched today?
  2. How many prospects have we advanced today?

…the answer might be embarrassing.

Surprisingly, it’s often the elephant in the room – just when activity is at its peak, an analysis of where the time is being spent generally points to things like internal meetings, client management (solving problems, shepherding proposals out the door, negotiating internally for client resources, and so on).

A robust Sales Development program solves this problem for you because:

  • It isn’t caught-up in the ‘busy-ness’ of the office
  • It is held accountable to touch and advance new prospects on a daily, weekly, monthly basis
  • It identifies buy-ready clients while your quota-carrying closers are attending to other important matters; a strong Sales Development program essentially runs out in front, and increases the efficiency of your highest earners
  • It grows your sales funnel, and improves your close rates – instead of having your highest earning Agents do the cold calling and relationship building, they transition to calling only on ‘ready to buy’ prospects – effectively changing their role to ‘closers’.

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