Responsive Assistance


Live a full and independent life, in your own home – knowing that help is there anytime you want or need it.

Responsive Assistance uses the latest technology to connect you with your family, friends, contacts, and support providers – using nothing more than your voice.

The system uses a slim, voice-activated device that responds to your commands, to make your life easier.  It  brings new levels convenience, security, and ease-of-living…while assuring distant family and friends that you’re OK.

Your device comes shipped to you, fully-programmed – we’ll help you adapt it to your home WiFi system, and give you everything you need to get you and one or more family members connected – quickly.

In no time, you’ll be using your unit to:

  • Set up a voice-activated ‘SOS’ back up system, using nothing more than your voice – no watches, no pendants, nothing to wear, just emergency support to the people that matter most
  • Get and keep fit, using the easy to follow voice commands, you’ll find an exercise program that works for you
  • Use games and tests to assess and improve your memory
  • Check emergency department wait times, find flu clinics, and other health news (in Alberta)
  • Create instruction on how to care for/sit your pet – so anyone can get it right – everytime
  • Create an adventure story with your grandchild as the hero

We’re there for you (just speak your command!) whenever you need us to help you navigate any troubles you may encounter along the way.

Use it to:

  • Remind you to take medication at the right time
  • Remind you to make arrangements to set and get to appointments on time
  • Call your family
  • Answer phone calls
  • Ask for help when you need it – any time of day or night
  • Get someone to trim the hedge in your front yard
  • Receive telephone calls
  • Dictate emails
  • Read books or emails to you
  • Play music

No pendants.
No bracelets.
Just responsive help, when you need it.

  • Requires a home WiFi network
Sold By : YellowLine