Trade Show Sales Maximization

programs-153% of leads from trade shows are at risk of going cold or getting lost…we accelerate post-show fulfillment and nurture those leads until they are ready-to-buy.

Leads that appeared ready-to-buy during the trade show often go cold by the time that you get back to the office.

Forrester Research found that 80% of the leads that you will generate at the event just don’t want to hear from you until they are ready for you – not the other way around.

Additionally, 50% of the buyers you meet at your event simply aren’t ready to buy yet (no matter what they say at the show)

The risk of trade show/event leads going cold is very high, unless a methodical marketing-driven process is in place to develop relationships, and score their interest and behaviour – turning the lead over to Sales only when your prospect is ready to buy.

Caffeine’s Post-Event Lead Management system solves these problems for you, and presents your sales team with leads only when they are ready to buy.

Calculate the impact that a disciplined post-show revenue growth process could bring to your company:

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