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Driving share from zero-sum markets

Marketing Math

It sometimes feels like we’ve reached the saturation point in some consumer markets…consider the financial services sector:

  • bank branches are being closed, and moving to the web
  • there are more mortgage brokers in some markets than can (reasonably) be sustained by real estate and refinancing activity
  • personal loans are offered on every street corner and app
  • insurance brokers and agents are everywhere
  • financing and credit cards are provided at every retail touchpoint
  • even financial planning has become ubiquitous – with robo-advisors now serving every segment of the market

So, how can a provider stand out in such crowded fields?

Consider the arithmetic, around a plan to steal a tiny piece of market share from everyone.  In this approach, your main brand stands to lose a little too – but through the deployment of a well-defined flanker brand, you’ll gain –  alot.

Run the numbers to see how it can work for you:

Caffeine can help you drive awareness, engagement, and qualified leads to your site, team, or broker network.  Delivered through a portfolio of share-building multi-dimensional flanker brands such as Together Financial (and others), you’ll build brand awareness with your ideal prospects, drive peer-to-peer endorsements, differentiate your product, and drive and nurture qualified leads.