Engage High Value Prospects

We combine the disciplines of direct, social, search, content, and just-in-time marketing to help you engage and develop meaningful relationships with measurable volumes of high value prospects.

Highly customized to your needs, elements include content marketing campaigns that identify the emerging buy-readiness of prospects as it identifies cross-sell opportunities, targeted social media campaigns (including content) customized landing pages, text marketing/couponing, and complete stat reviews and active management.

We help you reach them at home, work, and while shopping, and act as powerful, credible augments to your in-market advertising and direct sales forces.

Prospects enter your sales funnel through social media, your site, a campaign/site-specific landing page, or through a direct email link.

Then, through a direct-to-consumer multi-media campaign, they are educated about the relative merits of your brand, and how it will benefit their household.  Interactions are scored, and data is accumulated on the likeliest buyers in the market, increasing the efficiency of both your direct sales team and your marketing messaging.