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Marcom for IT services

We combine the disciplines of direct, social, search, content, and just-in-time marketing to help IT services providers and platform providers engage and develop meaningful relationships with measurable volumes of high value prospects.

Highly customized to your needs, elements include content marketing campaigns that identify the emerging buy-readiness of prospects as it identifies cross-sell opportunities, targeted social media campaigns (including content) customized landing pages, text marketing/couponing, and complete stat reviews and active management.

We act as a powerful, credible augment to your current marketing, business development, and direct sales forces.

Prospects enter your sales funnel through social media, your site, a campaign/site-specific landing page, or through a direct email link.

Then, through a direct-to-prospect multi-media campaign (that includes direct contact), they are educated about the relative merits of your service, and how it will benefit their household or business.  Interactions are scored, and data is accumulated on the likeliest buyers in the market, increasing the efficiency of both your direct sales team and your marketing messaging.


Businesses looking to accelerate their B2C sales cycles get qualified, ready to buy-prospects. We help business-to-consumer enterprises grow by:   Building their pipeline of qualified leads in their target markets. Presenting compelling, needs-based offers – directly to the likeliest-to-buy prospects in the market – delivering raw leads as they are …


Business-to-business marketers use our services to help them source, nurture, and bring qualified new B2B prospects into their pipelines. We help companies acquire more business by: Building their pipeline of qualified leads in their target markets. Presenting compelling, needs-based offers – directly to the likeliest-to-need or likeliest-to-engage prospects in the …

The Value of Sales Development

When your team is operating flat-out, each person going 40+ hours per week, where’s the room for growth? When things get craziest in the office, sit back, and ask two questions: How many new prospects have we touched today? How many prospects have we advanced today? …the answer might be …

Sales productivity planner

Are you staffed appropriately to achieve your target? Is your call productivity appropriate? What’s the cost of low call productivity? Use this tool to identify opportunities to implement an improvement plan:

Driving share from zero-sum markets

It sometimes feels like we’ve reached the saturation point in some consumer markets…consider the financial services sector: bank branches are being closed, and moving to the web there are more mortgage brokers in some markets than can (reasonably) be sustained by real estate and refinancing activity personal loans are offered …

7 Ways to Build Client Base in Mature Markets

Maturity of markets can be identified in two ways:  Lack of growth Increased competition Of course, lack of growth is really how your organization describes it (in terms of number of clients, value of client portfolios, spend per client, etc) Increased competition is fairly straightforward.  Despite regulatory guidelines, lines are …

Deciding which Sales Development Strategy is Best

Imagine that you’ve been given the assignment to increase sales by 5%. You can’t raise prices.  You can’t add more staff.  You don’t have the budget for additional marketing support. What do you do? The worksheet below presents you with two options – and the process to identify others, to …

What’s the right mix between technology and people?

I had a lively conversation this morning with an old friend, that can best be summarized as : ‘tech stack or rep stack’? Now, I can argue both sides – passionately – I’ve experienced the transformative power of a well-oiled tech stack, but the realist that I am, I fell …

Marketing plan challenger

Do you have a high performance marketing plan? Is it capable of delivering your strategic objectives – particularly your sales goals? Get a sense of the effectiveness of your Marketing Plan to power the achievement of your sales goals:

How motivated is your sales team?

A motivated team is a high-performing team. A motivated team generally scores high on measures related to Desire, Ability, and Belief in the company. This Team Motivation Diagnostic will help you identify structural areas for improvement with your team by giving you an initial Overall Motivation Score: Complete this Team Motivation …