Growth Options in Mature Markets

7 Growth options in mature markets

Mature markets can be identified as markets where growth has stopped. A foundational task for marketers and sales leaders is the ongoing assessment of their marketplace’s level of maturity, and the development of appropriate strategies to compete. The assessment isn’t easy, as the cyclical nature of markets can be mistaken for maturity.  Likely the best indicator is Read more about 7 Growth options in mature markets[…]

innovation in sales

How innovation can rejuvenate market share.

I’m always struck by the common complaint from business leaders about revenue-related challenges. Broadly categorized, they are: Average spend per client has decreased Close-cycle on new business has increased Rates of return of previous clients has decreased Market share in one segment or another is being eroded by an aggressive competitor It’s clear that the Read more about How innovation can rejuvenate market share.[…]

sales development

The value of sales development

When your team is operating flat-out, each person going 40+ hours per week, where’s the room for growth? When things get craziest in the office, sit back, and ask two questions: How many new prospects have we touched today? How many prospects have we advanced today? …the answer might be embarrassing. Surprisingly, it’s often the Read more about The value of sales development[…]


10% Growth – how would you deliver it?

As a Sales leader tasked with delivering (say) a 10% growth across a team of sellers, how would you go-about delivering this mandate? There can be many approaches of course. The Sales Team Productivity Planner helps Sales Leaders prioritize where to spend their time – and to whom they should spend it with – to get Read more about 10% Growth – how would you deliver it?[…]

easycatering service of caffeinegroup

Communication – the good old fashioned way to drive sales

With the rise of cheap and easy communications systems, every company has developed new ways to communicate: from Facebook pages to blogs, bulk emails, internal communities, to good-old fashioned bulletin board postings, meetings, coaching sessions, huddles, and skype call-ins…seems there’s always a way to get a word out related to key performance indicators, events, or Read more about Communication – the good old fashioned way to drive sales[…]

return on marketing investment calculator

Being Crazy-Vigilant with ROMI

Challenging both the opportunity and risk of marketing and sales plans and activities (including stasis and inaction) by being crazy-vigilant with ROMI (return on marketing investment) can produce both significant savings and revenue gains. We like ROMI because it’s simple, and it can act like a laser-beam to help us identify: Things we can stop doing.  If Read more about Being Crazy-Vigilant with ROMI[…]

sales performance improvement diagnostics

A 3-Step Sales Performance Improvement Framework

  Questions related to sales team motivation and desire to achieve their targets, are constantly being addressed by Sales leaders at both the team and the rep level.   A quick way to assess performance gaps is by assessing motivation and ability using this tool:   If ‘ability’ is identified as deficient, step 2 is to drill-down to Read more about A 3-Step Sales Performance Improvement Framework[…]

balance technology and people

What’s the right mix between technology and people?

I had a lively conversation this morning with an old friend, that can best be summarized as : ‘tech stack or rep stack’?Now, I can argue both sides – passionately – I’ve experienced the transformative power of a well-oiled tech stack, but the realist that I am, I fell firmly on the side of ‘Rep Read more about What’s the right mix between technology and people?[…]

tradeshow revenue

B2B Speed Dating

It probably doesn’t come as a surprise to anyone who’s ever worked a trade show before that attendee behaviour affects the quality of leads generated. Ever been stuck in a dead-end corner? How about next to a coffee area? Exhibit Surveys published interesting data that showed, when combined with an average booth size of 312 per show, Read more about B2B Speed Dating[…]

the moneyball effect

‘Moneyballing’ the pipeline

Some time ago, a client of ours asked us to advise on accelerating growth in a stagnant market. With a well-used and current CRM program in place, a database of several thousand prospects, and two well-trained and professional sales Reps (who were constantly swamped), they seemed to be in pretty good shape. I was shown Read more about ‘Moneyballing’ the pipeline[…]