Sales, accelerated.

We invest-in, develop, and manage solutions that accelerate sales.


EasyCatering helps caterers and event services suppliers build their businesses by connecting them to high value, repeat buyers of catering services in Canada.

Tactis Health

Tactis Health gives healthcare businesses a competitive advantage by building awareness and engagement with patients, independent clinicians, and corporate prospects.

Custom Solutions

We develop and manage customized lead generation, cultivation, and management programs that drive revenue for corporations.

We develop and optimize leads, to increase sales.

Close more business.

Lead optimization that stimulates sales.

If your primary Sales staff spend substantial amounts of time traveling, working with customers, or managing accounts, they just don’t have the time to develop sales to their potential.

We fix that, and grow your revenue.

Aligned-with your messaging and market positioning, we're exceptionally prepared to deliver new sales for you.

1. Whatever your business, we can develop a guaranteed-ROI sales development solution.
2. We’ll position you as the leader – and set your Closers up for success.
3. We’ll get new clients for you.
4. We’ll bring former clients back to the table.

  • Leads don't 'fall through the cracks' - ever.

    When we partner with you, we become an extension of your Sales team for the duration of the engagement. We're motivated by specific KPI's that include calls made, leads developed, and leads passed to Sales to be closed.


    It's no secret to any sales rep that CRM data is only partially complete. We fix that.


    Our processes and platforms increase the productivity of your Reps by helping them focus on high-value, ready-to-buy customers. Through geo-targeting and nurturing, our investment platforms successfully bring new business, while our private work with corporations moves the needle' on market share.

  • Guaranteed ROI

    We commit to revenue generation targets. Our KPI's become our performance guarantee.

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