We invest-in, and manage solutions that build sales.

Current Projects


EasyCatering helps caterers and event services suppliers build their businesses by connecting them to high value, repeat buyers of catering services in Canada.

Tactis Health

Tactis Health gives healthcare businesses a competitive advantage by building awareness and engagement with patients, independent clinicians, and corporate prospects.

About Us

Our criteria.

Caffeine's mission is to give SMB’s a competitive advantage, by building sales and market-growth capacity.

Using social, web, and market automation technology, we increase qualified prospects, staff alignment, and position our partners to win more accounts.

Caffeine was founded in 2005, by James Simone, who knew from his experience as a sales leader with an F100 and his years building ventures in the Ontario and Alberta markets, that disciplined processes gave smaller-to-mid-sized businesses a huge competitive advantage.

We work as partners, to build build sales capacity – through systems and people.

We’ve worked with manufacturers, hospitality, consulting, training, and financial services firms, as well as professionals in the fields of medicine, finance, and realty – to build unique and sustainable value and competitive advantage.

Our team brings years of experience, unparalleled technical and project management expertise, an acute understanding of what it takes to be successful in sales, sensitivity to your needs, and above all – confidentiality. Have a coffee with Managing Director James Simone (403.796.5172), and learn about how we can help you build your sales.

  • Unique positions in under-served markets.
  • Clear USP, high value offering.
  • International markets. Scalable service delivery.
  • Demonstrable performance. High potential cash flows.


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